Established in 2017, the China Center of Politecnico di Torino coordinates, promotes and facilitates the relations with China in the domains of teaching, research, and consultancy.

Like other Universities in the world, the China Center of Politecnico relates to a Country which is increasingly contributing to the development of Science and Technology through its innovation capacity and R&D investments.

The Center aims at:

  • developing its positioning in China while promoting the interests of Italy and Torino region;
  • strengthening its competitiveness in China, as well as in the “Belt and Road Initiative” (BRI) involved Countries, in the fields of training, research and consultancy in the Academic, Institutional, and Industrial sectors;
  • creating a permanent set of skills in PoliTo (such as economic, cultural, and legal) usable to better support future activities with China;
  • nurturing a generation of scholars and professionals and increase their familiarity with the Chinese University system and market.

To achieve these goals, the China Center:

  • promotes cooperation activities with China and with other BRI Countries, and involves Departments and Interdepartmental Centers of Politecnico to create relevant Projects, such as:
  • manages Exchange and Partnership agreements with the top Chinese Universities and Institutions;
  • coordinates the Politecnico Academic and Administrative divisions to manage cross-cutting activities with China. The China Center  is supported by external partners (such as the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences) when specific knowledge (for instance in the political or economic domain) is required.