The governance of the China Center involves:

  • the Executive Board for Academic Affairs composed of: Michele Bonino (Rector’s Delegate for Relations with China and Asian Countries, Director of the China Center, Department of Architecture and Design - DAD); Eugenio Brusa (Director of the Doctoral School); Ettore  Bompard (Deputy-Director of the China Center,  Principal Investigator of the Energy Transition Lab, Department of Energy "Galileo Ferraris" - DENERG); Fabrizio Bonani (‘Politong’ Coordinator, Department of Electronics and Telecommunications - DET); Bernardino Chiaia (Department of Structural, Geothecnical and Building Engineering - DISEG); Elena Comino (Department of Environment, Land and Infrastructure Engineering - DIATI); Andrea Tonoli (Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering - DIMEAS); Enrico Macii (Principal Investigator of the South China-Torino Lab, Department of Control and Computer Engineering - DAUIN); Tao Huang (Department of Energy "Galileo Ferraris" - DENERG); Elena Dellapiana (Department of Architecture and Design - DAD); Giorgio Guglieri (Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering - DIMEAS); Pierpaolo Peruccio (Department of Architecture and Design - DAD); Giuseppe Marano (Department of Structural, Geothecnical and Building Engineering - DISEG); Angelo Sampieri (Department of Interuniversity Department of Regional and Urban Studies and Planning - DIST). The Executive Board for Academic Affairs meets every three months.
  • the Management Board coordinated by the International Affairs Department (INTE) with the participation of representatives from the Division of Student Affairs (GESD), the Research Support Department (ARI), the Technology Transfer and Industrial Liaison Department (TRIN), the External Communication and Relations Department (CORE), the Division of Institutional Affairs (AFIS).The Management Board meets every three months.
  • An Advisory Board composed of three internal members: Francesca Verga (Rector's Delegate for International Relations with American Area and Relations with the University's African Task Force); Stefano Corgnati  (Vice Rector for Internal Politics); Giuliana Mattiazzo (Vice Rector for Technology Transfer), and four external members: Francesco Polistena (Vehicle Program Lead, FCA/Stellantis China, President of Polito China Alumni Association); Massimo Bagnasco (Head of CMR Project in Beijing, Vice-President European Chamber of Commerce in China); Francesca Spigarelli (Director of the  China Centre, Università degli Studi di Macerata); Giovanni Andornino (Director of the TOChina Hub, Università degli Studi di Torino)

In addition, there are some researchers who work specifically to promote scientific cooperation with China within the activities of the China Center:

  • Angelo  Bonfitto: Automotive Engineering;
  • Edoardo Bruno: Architecture (South China University of Technology);
  • Gianfranco Piana: Civil Engineering;
  • TaoHuang: Energy and Electric Engineering.