The activities in the automotive sector mainly consist in research projects carried out in cooperation with Chinese Universities, research centres and businesses. These research projects cover different Automotive Engineering fields and especially focus on the development of assisted and autonomous driving systems, connected vehicles, hybrid and electric drive trains, new-generation power regulators for hybrid and electric vehicles, lightening techniques and analysis of on-board electromagnetic compatibility.

At present, the most important initiatives consist in cooperation projects with important organisations - Universities and other institutions - at the forefront of research in these sectors in China. Among these institutions, there is the Beijing New Energy Technology Innovation Centre (NEVC), a national automotive innovation centre that conducts research for the Chinese consortium of carmakers (BJEV, Geely, BYD, etc...), international suppliers and Universities. Another example is the China Automotive Engineering Research Institute (CAERI), a research centre based in Chongqing that defines the standards for certification and investigates active and passive safety in cars, as well as techniques for autonomous vehicles and power accumulation systems for hybrid and electric vehicles.

The China Center also organizes training and dissemination events such as specific courses, workshops and conferences that are periodically held at the premises of our Chinese partner organisations with the participation of Politecnico di Torino faculty members and researchers.