Belt & Road Initiative

The China Center aims to drive innovation, training, and development through a system of coordinated relations (political-government, industrial, academic/research) that creates an array of opportunities, including the initiatives that China promotes with third Countries, such as the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ Countries.

At present, at least 65 Countries all over the world participate in the BRI project and most of them are Central Asian Countries. Building on the experience of Politecnico di Torino – especially the Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent (TTPU) project since 2009 - our University decided to launch a BRI pilot-project in Uzbekistan, with the support of its partners, the Contemporary China Studies Centre (CSCC) and the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS).

In order to explore new opportunities for Chinese cooperation in Uzbekistan, the China Center met several Chinese and Uzbek stakeholders in Tashkent in 2019. Here, it presented a “Polito/BRI Portfolio” of research projects carried out by Politecnico which could be potentially interesting for the BRI. These projects can be divided into three main fields of action:

  • Impact assessment studies, especially in the field of energy and urban and regional planning;
  • Industrial supply chain development, with special focus on the Automotive, Oil & Gas, and Aerospace sectors;
  • Structural Engineering studies for infrastructure planning.

The place chosen for the implementation of the pilot project is the Industrial District of Peng Sheng, a Chinese-Uzbek joint venture located 70 km away from Tashkent.

The BRI project also includes cultural and scientific developments, with research activities in the field of energy and urban planning, as well as publications and participation in BRI international conferences.